2014 Resort Collections

2014 Resort Collections


It’s that time of the year….and every fashion house in the world has introduced a Resort/Cruise collection for 2014.

What is resort-wear exactly? The name sounds very fancy & pretentious…but it is probably the farthest from it. 

Resort-wear, aka cruise-wear, is a year-round clothing/fashion style. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to segregate their closet based on the seasons namely spring, summer, fall & winter, this is the collection for you!

Resort-wear started off as a concept for providing clothing for jet-setters & travelers, specifically those that vacationed in warmer, Mediterranean or tropical climates in winter.  It has grown in popularity over the last few years as fashionistas around the world have sought more budget-friendly options with tonnes of variety. Some designers & fashion houses have even gone so far to offer collections at high-end & retail-ready prices. 

The aim of this collection is to sell & hence the fashion is highly wearable.  Since it is based on a travel lifestyle, the clothes are comfortable yet cross-cultural in style & signify relaxation. Oftentimes, the trends of an entire fashion cycle get condensed & distilled into the resort-wear collection. It is amazing to see the best of them, all at once!

Interestingly, print & publications don’t think resort-wear is sexy enough for advertisements. After all, it is regular people who buy them!?!  That’s probably why there isn’t a special magazine issue for it. Nevertheless, for the budget-conscious-yet-trendy fashionista, this collection would be the thing to watch, observe & shop! 

With the international markets buying into resort collections, there has been a selling frenzy for these collections since the late 1990s.

Just like Jackie O made the French labels & Nancy Reagan defined the red suit,  the resort collections have become a cultural phenomenon owing to the Obamas! Michelle & the girls often wear clothes from the resort collections of designers & retailers….and how chic & fashionable are they?!

So, when can someone buy from these collections? 

It is usually November by the time these styles hit the retail market.  But they stay the longest on the floor until about Memorial day or early June. That covers about 6 months of the year.

So…now onto the collections.  I’ve gathered a few designs & looks from a myriad of runways to help understand the offerings and what’s in store for us this November. They are listed with some price-point guesstimates.

DKNY is the retail line of Donna Karan. It is a label developed by her fashion label & designers that work for her.

Aimed at a more younger clientele, the sportswear + coutureish line is an interesting cross species.  There are some awesome pieces, like the gold metallic dress & sequined skirt, which are great as individual pieces & on their own.  Almost as if they compared notes, most of the designers henceforth have conservative dress lenghts, so let’s call it a trend for this fashion season.

Next is the actual Donna Karan high-end label.

Billowy pants, tunics & dresses made in chiffon define this collection. The colors oscillates between hot pinks, whites & blacks, as though the designer couldn’t stick to a scheme. I love it when someone breaks the rules. It is what it is & the collection is better because of that choice.

Michael Kors

Believe it or not, Kors is an über successful resort-wear designer.  His pieces sellout within a few weeks & the resort-wear is more successful than his couture collection. It is easy to see why that is the case.  He makes wearable, comfortable, stylish, trendy, quality clothing, period! And he is not even in the high-end price point, so that’s that!

Below, the leather dress & the jersey dress with leather accents are a perfect example of Kors’ aesthetics. They’re simple yet spectacular in appearance and most real women can wear them.

The liquid/metallic silver dress is dramatic, artistic, out of this world & requires a special mention. According to the description it is a “ocelot-print-embroidered nude tulle”. Ocelot is a wildcat & so the dress is an animal print embroidered onto a fuzzy, difficult tulle fabric!  I’d sure like to a fly on the wall observing that dress being born!

And now….onto the very best of the year in my opinion. Here are my favorite styles & looks from 2014 Cruise/Resort: Temperley London     

The best thing about this adorable, timeless and beautiful collection is the fact it is all dresses. And….I’m Mad About Dresses!

The entire collection of dresses arrives in 2 lengths – midi & full.  They are relatively conservative in shape, cut & length. But the collection has exquisite embroidery, laser-cut details and luxurious fabrics.

Let’s start with the reds shall we?  I love the soft & hard pairing of the knit dress with the leather skirt/jacket.  The cute red sheath dress is a flattering and forgiving silhouette.

The shirt-dress separates looks casual yet feminine & beautiful. Oh……my, that white dress can easily be a wedding dress, for a bold bride. Now that would be a statement!

It has been difficult to choose a favorite within the black dresses, some bohemian, some formal and all perfect.

For all the romantics out there, here’s the pièce de résistance in blush/pink.  Luxurious silk with embroidery coupled with laser-cut lace make these dresses worth every penny & I’m sure they’re worth a lot of pennies!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading & learning about resort collections! I absolutely love it for 2014 & can’t wait to see them in the stores!
Images courtesy & Thanks: Style.com

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