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Hi, my name is Devi a.k.a. DearFashionista.

I’m a world traveler, lifestyle aficionado, technologist and aspiring fashion designer.
Devi a.k.a. Dear Fashionista
At this stage in my life journey, I’m a technologist by day and a closeted fashion designer rest of the time. Hey, someone has got to pay the bills and fund those world travels, no?!
Speaking of world travels, I have traveled and touched 6 of the 7 continents with Antarctica yet to be conquered. My travels have granted me the exposure to various cultures & global aesthetics that directly impact my opinions & designs.
I’d describe my design philosophy as ‘Global Contemporary‘ whether it be fashion, interior design or art. With global being all that it encompasses, contemporary keeps my ideas current & styles very relevant.
Fashion design is currently an aspiration yet to become a profession.  I’m working through the logistics of launching, conducting and sustaining a labor-intensive and gargantuan endeavor like creating a fashion label.   If passion were a currency, I’d be giving McQueen, Gurung, Donna Karen and others a run for theirs!
In the meantime, enjoy my commentary on pop-culture, social events, products and advice, by way of keeping up with the Jones’ errr, I meant the Kardarshians! (ˆ▽ˆ)

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