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Published on August 16th, 2013 | by DearFashionista


DearFashionista’s Top Fall/Winter Trends for 2013

Hiya!! It is that time of the year…and Fall happens to be my favorite time of the year for fashion! The weather isn’t too cold nor too hot…and it is perfect for a fashionista to experiment.

So, what are the top trends for Fall/Winter 2013? I kept my research very simple and broad so that we can be conscious of our budgets too!

The most popular Color Trends this season are:
  • Electric, Cobalt Blue:  In my mind, blue is almost neutral….but it has been given some pizzazz with electrification
  • Maroon or Burgundy: Red’s ignored cousin is making a comeback this year…and not just in clothing but also shoes, bags and accessories.
  • Pale, Blush Pink: YES…I died and went to heaven!!  This type of pink is very soft, romantic and girly. They  are everywhere….shoes, bags, coats, dresses, jeans, and what-not!
  • White: for Winter, finally! No-white-after-Labor-day…says who?!! Little White Dresses (LWD) are turning out to be as versatile as Little Black/Blue Dresses (LBD)
  • Emerald Green: Green is not for everyone…and should be used judiciously. A green bag or clutch can make a LBD or LWD pop!!
Another huge trend for this year is Mix-Matched Fabrics 

Materials like Leather and velvet are appearing on runways and ready to wear collections everywhere this season. Leather which is predominantly used for outerwear, shoes and bags or as a trim or accent is now being used for making fitted garments. Gone is the time that leather was considered edgy or rocker-chic…it is becoming more mainstream and readily available. Phillip Lim’s collection for Target which will be available in Sep 2013 contains many of these trends including some leather pieces. More on that later.

Lace and tulle are some unconventional choices for the cooler climates…but they’re paired with heavier fabrics like wool and velvet to romanticize clothing.

The trend that is making a comeback is the Over-sized Coa

This trend has been updated with asymmetrical shoulders, drapes and hemlines.  I’m not a fan of this trend as I think it doesn’t serve well for full-sized women with curves. The proportions tend to be off and make the look clumsy rather than stylish. But hey, if you like it, more power to you!!

Below are some looks that incorporate the trends, colors, fashions and styles for Fall/Winter 2013, Enjoy!!


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