Best “Chic Flicks” for your inner Fashionista!

Best “Chic Flicks” for your inner Fashionista!

For a movie to be considered a certifiable chick flick, it requires a pretty couple, beautiful locations, great music and endearing romance. The thing that makes a “chick-flick”, a “chic flick”  is unique fashions with fantastic, drool-worthy clothes and accessories!

As an ode to fashionistas and movie lovers,  I’ve dug through many decades of mental archives to present my best fashionable chic flicks of all time!

They’re listed in no particular order….since we don’t have to choose between them!  If there is a chic flick that you think should be added, do let me know via the comments. Enjoy!

You can pause/play the slideshow, click to enlarge & hover to observe the compilation/commentary.

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