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Vintage photo-canvas, Personalized!

Update Nov 15th, 2013:  The time and price was right, finally…and I decided to create my own vintage photo-canvas.

The photograph I chose is a vintage, circa 1970s, black and white photograph of my parents posing for a portrait.  The original I had is a pocket-size 4″x2″. Yes, it is that small…and had some discoloration, fading and overall perfect imperfections suitable for this project.

After scanning the photograph, I fixed some issues like over exposure, background colors, and other details with Gimp aka the Open-Source-Kick-Ass alternative to Photoshop.

The vendor that made the canvas possible is Easy Canvas Prints. I highly recommend their services and products. Note that I’m not associated or receive any benefits for making this recommendation, hopefully only good will!

I uploaded the photo onto the website and sized it pretty large. The canvas is 40″ x 22″ with a .75″ canvas mount, an image wrap for the borders along with a mounting clip for hanging it flush against the wall.  As expected, they asked me to verify the quality of the image that was uploaded owing to the fact that it was being enlarged from a smaller low-res image.

To me this  piece of unique, vintage, personalized custom artwork of my parents (RIP) is priceless! But, the cost of creating them was $59.90 including s&h. Unbeatable, period!

Voilà! I’m very happy to share the spectacular results!

My Parents

Vintage photo canvas 40 x 22
Original Post: Jan 16th, 2013:

Observe this elegant, wonderful & absolutely lovely artwork made from a vintage photograph!

The treatment brings elegance, character & instant personalization to the room. The idea is from an Elle Decor article about a Manhattan apartment. The photo work is by Peter Margonelli, a high-end artist & photographer. I’m pretty sure that this particular piece is custom & hence cost tens of thousands of dollars to commission from the artist.

The quest I undertook was to see if it can be replicated by regular Jane & Joe.


From what I glean, the piece is of the following dimensions (in feet):  9 pieces of 3 x 2 = 9′ x 6′

Next, is the biggest task of finding the appropo photograph.  I’d recommend finding a black & white with imperfections. That would make the result very dramatic & authentic.  Interestingly, even high-res digital photos would not be perfect when enlarged to a 108″ x 72″ !!

Then, find a high resolution scanner that can scan the quality, or lack thereof, of the photograph. Some scanners have settings that will identify such aspects as vintage, noise, dirt, watermarks, etc. in photographs.

There ends the easy part of this exercise. ≧☉_☉≦

Well, technically, there is no way to proof this before placing an order. Trying to print this out from a vendor like Costco may give a general idea….but not the canvas affect. Plus, it’s simply too large & therefore would be expensive to make prints.

IMO, you simply have to trust the professionals who do it & hope you chose the best photograph.  More importantly, it’s time to commit; do make sure that you love Grandma, assuming it’s her, really that much to see her photograph at 9×6, everyday!

Then, don’t do this step  → visit every Home Decor & Frames store in a 20 mile radius, only to be told either “We don’t do that…canvas, really?”, “Here’s your quote – $x000 + s&h + taxes + no return policy” or “Tell us how it works out!” ಥ_ಥ

Go straight to the Internet → Let me Google it for you! Any of the vendors, be it Simply Canvas or Easy Canvas, want your business & will offer you a hefty discount  as a new customer.

On an average, a 3×2 will cost $125-$150 making the cost of 9 pieces at $1125-$1350. Add a 20%-50% discount (if you get lucky), you can get this awesome artwork for $675-$900!  Of course, you can scale down the size of the canvas to a 6×4, which is still a substantial size.

Now, hanging the pieces, aligning them correctly on an x,y,z axis would require planning & coordination. I’d say it is a 2-person job for about 2 hours. My assessment if based on an assumption that one person is really good at measurements & math(!). So, what’s the other person’s job? Ask them to just do it! 😀

Under 1k for a personalized dramatic artwork, with a bit of legwork, priceless! (✿◠‿◠✿)

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