At the Project Runway Season 12 New York Fashion Week Finale

DearFashionista at the Project Runway Season 12 New York Fashion (NYFW) Week Finale

In case you haven’t read my previous post DearFashionista’s Capsule Collection for NY Trip, do check it out!

As I said, the process of getting “invited” to the NYFW was far more arduous than getting tickets to the US Open Tennis Finals.

The Project Runway Season 12 Finale Show was about to begin within a few minutes.   As I approached to get my seating allocation, you would think that after all I went through,  I would get in without any drama!

Was I wrong or was I wrong?

Embossed ticket in hand, I approach the tall, skinny and extremely beautiful woman at the Fashion Week check-in area. All I’mPR-ticket missing at this point is a seating allocation.  She politely asks for my name and duly informs me that I’m not on the list.  Hey…I’m used to this – my name gets jumbled and butchered all the time.  To me, it is simple-enough yet people have trouble with it…what can I say? So, I asked her to try variations – “Debbie”, “David”, “Davi” and others. No Luck!

At this point, she literally, with her hand, shoos me off…and asks me to wait on the side as I was holding-up the line.  When I persist, she tells to wait until the Project Runway usher arrives.  A few minutes later, the usher arrives and ditto, says that I’m not on the list.

Ok…all the questionable self-talk and trepidation I’ve been feeling until this point increases exponentially.  My mind is telling me “Of course you don’t belong here…what were you thinking?” There’s a little girl hidden inside me that it telling me to run, really fast.  But the grown woman in me is reminded of a key, critical, crucial and loud fact – “Remember who you are now!”

I was going to stay or leave with dignity but not without a fight…a good and clean one!   I may have been called many things, but a pushover is not one of them. Having learnt never to pick a fight with someone who has the least power and sphere of influence,  I ask for a Supervisor or Producer…..and stand my ground.  The manner in which both the usher and attendant were trying to shoo me away in spite of a ticket became a floor show. I was pretty sure many people were watching me, taking videos too, of the woman who was trying to “crash” the party!  I immediately emailed the concierge service, giving them a piece of my impolite mind.

A few minutes later, the most weirdest and awesomest thing happens…like the universe was aligning and everything fell into place!  I hear a loud, even amongst the noisy surroundings, page over the speakers, “Guest from, please come to the IMG Desk for Special Guests”. Who the hell knew there was a desk for “Special” guests?!

And that was it…smooth sailing. I had a personal concierge walk me to the event, find my seat, make sure I had water, took photos of me, and then asked to stop by after the show to hear my thoughts and feedback.  When someone says no and you know you’re right, stand your ground. There will always be bumps in the road…don’t let that prevent your journey and worthwhile destination.

Ok, enough of that…onto the important and fun stuff!   So begins the Project Runway Season 12 Finale Runway Show in New York Fashion Week 2013. 

Below are some photos and videos from the beginning of the show, including the judges. I’m going to apologize for the quality of the images. The strobe and constantly changing lighting intensity messed with my camera.  This is my best effort.

For some reason, they forgot to press the record button on the introduction !! Seriously! So, Heidi does her introduction again!

Tim Gunn gets a special introduction….loved it!!

On Project Runway at this point, we don’t know who or how many finalists remain in the show. The finale airs on TV only in Oct 2013.  So, they usually invite a few designers who are crowd favorites even if they’re eliminated before the finale.

The Season 12 designers that showed at the NYFW were:

  1. Alexander
  2. Kate
  3. Jeremy
  4. Helen
  5. Alexandria
  6. Bradon
  7. Justin
  8. Dom

Below are glimpses from their collections with my commentary.  My sentimental favorite to win is Justin, and only Justin. But if Helen or Kate managed to make it to the end, it is possible one them is the winner. We shall see!

Let’s start with Alexander. As a costume designer, his collection was  the most dramatic and had many WoW moments!


Kate is definitely in her element. Her collection was gorgeous with a few punchy reds, very refined and sophisticated.  She had a very strong showing..and support.


Jeremy had the most to say about this inspiration for the collection. But his collection was by far the simplest and most pedestrian.


Helen just blew me away with her collection! It was edgy, gorgeous and totally wearable!  The red bubble dress was adorable!


Alexandria and Bradon followed next. Alexandria had very little to say “Please enjoy my collection”  and almost as-if she had yielded her time, Bradon had a lot to say!

Alexandria copy


Let’s do Dom‘s collection before Justin’s as now I have a lot to say! Dom’s collection was very sweet, fun, young and hip.


Now onto Justin, my clear favorite. After the Tim Gunn rescue from being eliminated, he got a second chance and I think he made it all the way to the finale.

Here is his introduction:

All the looks from his collection:

Justin’s final Pièce de résistance – an angelic dress with wings! Loved it!


Now, I was off to the after-party. The judges were out taping the finale and  determining the winner of the season.  This was my time to mingle with celebrities and former Project Runway contestants and mainly, winners!

I stopped by to say Adieu at the IMG Desk and Voilà, I was presented with a gift bag!! Aaaahaaah…It was worth the trouble!

goody bag

This trip to the New York Fashion Week is a dream come true and a milestone event for DearFashionista! I hope you enjoyed the photos and videos!

Devi-Designs-inside MBFW

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