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Fashion/Movie Review: “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Movie Review

My Rating: ****/5

Wow! ‘Into Darkness’ is such a great movie experience! Having watched it in IMAX-3D, I have to say that it was completely & totally immersive, both dark & fun!  JJ Abrams is obviously a rock star…and this movie is another testament to his skills & craft. 

The movie is author-backed for Kirk. Spock is just a sideshow in ‘The Kirk Chronicles’…not that I’m complaining about it   Well, either JJ or Dan is totally in love with Chris Pine — proof is in the numerous tight close-ups of his face & those piecing blue eyes! After a while, those baby blues started to become a distraction!

Funny enough, Pegg as Scottie is everywhere! I’d take some infinite time with Cumberbatch….is he awesome or what? He has a definite knack for playing a baddie….so, there’s hope for the future!

Zachary Quinto is Mr. Spock for the 21st century, pure & simple. I’d mimic Bill Maher’s words to him: “You should keep doing Spock until they kick you out!”

Two hours flies by like a minute…the movie is really action-packed without a moment of relief.

Now, onto the good stuff…. fashions from the movie & their evolution over multiple decades of the franchise.

Let’s start with the uniforms. Why do they still have uniforms? Ok, for a franchise this old & iconic, they can’t kill or dramatically modify the uniforms. Hence, some styles are more updated for the 21st century.

The male uniform structurally remain the same but with the addition  texture in the form of self-patterned spots & iridescence. It’s a smart & progressive design choice that is cognizant of IMAX, 3D & HD mediums.

Star Trek Into Darkness

But, the women’s fashion has evolved tremendously! The franchise has evolved it to a whole another level by combining the aesthetics of 1970s with that of the 2010s.

The 70’s was the age when man landed on the moon & it’s logical that clothes were inspired by the future.  I love this futuristic design by Pierre Cardin from 1960 & 1970.   It can easily be observed that the Star Trek costumes borrowed heavily from these designs.


Uhura & Carol’s uniforms are textured as well, but more fitted & flattering. The style is still futuristic and yet evolved with the 21st century obsession of the athletic-size-0 body types.


And now onto the really important stuff, some great looks from the Red Carpet.

The men gave the ladies a run for their style on the red carpet. It doesn’t get any more metro-sexual than this lot!

the Men of Star Trek Into Darkness

For all of the movie premieres, Chris Pine wore three-piece suits.  This specific pinstripe suit is Ralph Lauren. His repertoire is 100% custom tailored & fitted perfectly.  How dashing!  He owns it & works it….Kirk-GO!

Zachary Quinto is evolving as a style icon, truly. With that hair swagger, be it punk, grunge or slick, he’s able to switch styles like a chameleon…very rare, unique & refreshing, love it.

Benedict, you looked better on ‘Sherlock’. We know you have some mad acting chops, time to up your style quotient. But then again, you are Sherlock, Khan, Smaug  and Necromancer- you’re a beloved geek icon, so maybe you’re being geek-chic!

On to the ladies of ‘Into Darkness’.  I’m really glad they’re not green or blue .

Such lovely ladies….I swooned at this photograph. Both Zoe & Alice had some interesting choices, I picked these as the best of them.

Image Source:

Alice is wearing Pucci. It’s a simple silhouette & the color is extraordinarily beautiful, especially on her.  A peek-a-boo slit tends to be tacky, but not on her or this gown.  Her makeup is impeccable & the bangs are on trend and stylish.

Zoe is wearing Balmain — that bubble mini-skirt is perfection & the bodice is heavenly.

I bet it took a 1000 hours or so to make that bodice; it’s got embroidery, piping & corset structure on velvet fabric which is challenging, to say the least.  Her hair is made into a slick-bob so as to not distract from the bodice. Zoe’s face is flawless with minimal makeup….can anyone believe she is almost 35?!

One tiny complaint, I would’ve chosen a more flirty & strappy shoes as these Louboutins were a bit matronly for this look.

I absolutely loved this photograph, it’s unscripted and live action. Granted, it’s a wardrobe malfunction….
Star Trek Into Darkness - UK Film Premiere
…..but it’s indicative of the team spirit and camaraderie  of the teams working on this movie. In the spirit of the series, it serves as a testament to why ‘Star Trek’ is still  popular and relevant – a fellow trekkie being helped in her hour of trouble.

Live Long & Prosper!

Image Source:,  Yahoo! UK-Guardian and others.

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